Bali has enchanted visitors for centuries. One of the most beautiful and memorable places in the East, the very name conveys an image of magic. Volcanic mountains rise from delicately terraced rice fields, palm groves and white sandy beaches. Dance, music, sculpture, wood carving and painting depict the daily life and sophisticated culture of the gentle Balinese people.
  • Stunning Balinese foothills in the village of Ubud
  • Forests and paddy fields
  • A relaxing time at a beach resort
  • A cruise aboard a traditional Bugi schooner
  • Emerald seas, megalithic cultures, colourful market places, tribal rituals
  • A world of exotic cultures and breathtaking natural beauty
  • A place where time stands still - the last remaining domain of the prehistoric Komodo “dragons”.
Some memories from our last escorted tour to Bali in 2013.