custom touring in ASIA & THE FAR EAST

The vast land mass of Asia, South East Asia and the Far East encompasses many different countries, cultures, peoples, history, scenery and exciting holiday destinations, among which are some favourites of Pannell's Tours:

  • THAILAND  - much more than just stunning white beaches. Explore its temples, ethnic villages, ancient ruins, green rice paddies, delicious cuisine and, most notably, its gentle people.
  • VIETNAM & CAMBODIA - often combined in one itinerary with iconic Halong Bay, Angkor Watt and a Mekong river cruise
  • BALI & BEYOND - Experience the island lifestyle of the gentle Balinese, the power of the Komodo Dragons and the relaxation of a cruise in a graceful Bugi schooner
  • CHINA - a vast land of great diversity and mystery  with its ancient cities, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and the giant panda. 
  • JAPAN - where travel is mainly by train and every itinerary includes a soak in a Japanese "onsen" - hot spring
  • SRI LANKA - tea plantations, beaches, world heritage sights, Asian wildlife - all in one tiny country